Saturday, October 29, 2016

2016 Football Game 7: Oklahoma State

The Mountaineers take to the road with a classic combo: Blue Helmets White Jerseys and Gold pants.

Additional pictures here:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Gold Rush!

Never has one uniform polarized the West Virginia fan base more than the 2007-2012 gold jersey and pants combo "aka the Gold Rush Uniform." Initially met with mixed reactions midway through the 2007; by the end of the season it would become infamous.

The idea for the "Gold Rush" began one season prior during a road trip to Louisville. The Cardinals  called for a "black-out"  and encouraged their fans to wear black. This inspired WVU Head Coach Rich Rodriguez to create the "Gold-Rush" when the Cardinals returned to Morgantown in 2007.

The uniform was a part of WVU's uniform update of 2007 which saw the Mountaineers switch to Nike's latest "destroyer" template. The update included 3 new jerseys and 3 new pants all in matching styles for different combinations throughout the year.

The Mountaineers wore the "Gold Rush" uniform twice in the 2007 against the Louisville Cardinals and the Pitt Panthers. After losing to Pitt the uniforms received a lot of the blame. Often dubbed the "banana suits" the fanbase believed the uniforms became cursed. The Mountaineers didn't don that combo until 2009.

How about your thoughts on the "Gold-Rush" Uniform? Did you love it, hate it? Let us know in the comments.

Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 Football Game 6: TCU

WVU finished its final October home game with another often used combo for the Mountaineers: blue helmets and jerseys with white pants.

Here's some additional shots:

2016 Football Game 5: Texas Tech

WVU hit the road for the first time in 2016 which means we saw the white jerseys for the first time. The Mountaineers kept the gold lids for a second week and paired them with the gold pants.

More shots from the game:

2016 Football Game 4: Kansas State

The Mountaineers began Big XII play with an entirely new uniform combo: Gold helmets and jerseys with blue pants.

More pictures of the matchup:

2016 Football Game 3: BYU

Game number three saw the Mountaineers in a familiar uniform blue helmets and pants with the gold jerseys.

Additional shots:

2016 Football Game 2: Youngstown State

The Mountaineers returned to action on the gridiron at Milan Puskar Stadium in a game against the Youngstown State Penguins. Uniform wise WVU returned to the classic blue helmets and jerseys with gold pants. Personally this is one of my favorite looks for the Mountaineers especially with this current uniform set. 

Heres a few more shots:

2016 Football Game 1: Mizzou

125th season of Mountaineer Football kicked off with a "new" uniform. Basically it was the same uniform combo that the Mountaineers wore for their 2015 matchup with Liberty (white helmet gold jersey and white pants) with the exception of the helmet sticker. Gone is the regular blue "flying wv" and in its place is the 125 season logo.
Overall I think the combo is serviceable as the light colored elements on a early September noon kick. Maybe a missed opportunity for throwbacks as some other schools have done across the country.

Here's a few more shots:

Observations from a Maniac: The Return of Merit Decals?

While watching the Youngstown State game I noticed something a little different this week's uniform. Just above the Big XII logo I noticed a few stacked muskets. They were reminiscent of the late 1980's to early 1990's WVU teams that had musket merit decals. Watching other games this weekend I've noticed a few other teams around the country also reintroducing merit decals. 

I made a quick mock-up of what the decals looks like. I like bringing back the tradition of the musket decals however I have fear that they'll take over some players helmets over of the course of the season. The rear of todays helmets have already come crowded with: a player number, conference logo, American Flag, warning label, and for this season the 125 logo, this leaves little room for anything else.

What do you all think? Do you like the ideal of merit decals? Let us know!

Observations from a Maniac: A New Flying WV?

One thing I've noticed since the uniform rebrand of 2013 has been the subtle change of the helmet decals of the Mountaineers. On the field the change seems barely noticeable but when side by side with the "old" logo (which by the way is used throughout the rest of the uniform) the change can be seen clearly.

Reasons for this could be a few things; first being that the helmet shells are now a matte finish and decals are glossy (until someone comes along with a matte finish) and the flying WV is altered to have less of the clear decal around the logo thus having a more astectly pleasing look. For example during the Missouri Tigers rebrand of 2012 they introduced a new alternate matte black helmet white a oversized gold tiger. In the video you can see that they cut the design out of sheets of gold colored decal paper that provides a clean line from the glossy gold to the matte black of the helmet. 

Mizzou Helmet Video

Secondly Nike could've "suggested" an update to the logo. If you notice in the video the equipment manager mentions how Nike suggested they use a single decal for the entire tiger head.

From 1980 to 2012 the Mountaineers helmet was basically unchanged during that time span. While simple the design not only held up to the changing times and helmet types. The glossy navy blue shell with a matching face mask emblazoned with the bright gold flying WV is instantly recognized. While not subject to subtle changes throughout the years like the addition of blue chin straps and a gold metallic flake within the shell the helmet the design ultimately worked for every uniform combination and design the Mountaineers had throughout the years.

With the changes in helmet technologies some helmets have struggled to adapt their various helmet stripes, decals and such. White helmets have been subject to exposing vent holes almost giving a "poca dot" effect. 

In my opinion Nike seemed to "fix" something that wasn't broken. Sure recruits like new and shinny things and matte helmets are the new trend. The addition of a black facemark and chin straps they feel out of place. 

So what do you think? Let us know!