This website a graphical website and was created in 2016 to document the football, basketball and baseball uniforms of West Virginia University. The work for this site began in 2013 with painstakingly amount of research and corrections. The ultimate goal is to catalog all of West Virginia's major athletic programs.

I began with just documenting the West Virginia University Football program. I quickly began creating a database for the men's basketball and baseball teams as well. Research on this massive project has consisted of watching old games on YouTube, examining old pictures and attending games.

My football database goes all the way back to the 1960 season and I've divided it into decades. The basketball database only goes back to the 2001 season due to the inability to find good enough pictures to put on my 2-D template. Recently I began the baseball database and I've successfully gone back to the 2011 season. In addition to all that I've also begun to work on a template for a women's basketball uniform database as well.

This past year I began contributing to uni-tracking for the guys over at Uni-Watch. It's been a great opportunity to work with those guys. Currently I track the SEC and now the Big Ten conference each week. That has allowed me the opportunity to work and develop my uniform templates.

Football Template

First I would like to thank the guys at gridiron-uniforms.com for giving me inspiration on my own 2-D template. The simple design which I'd added to during the years not only looks great but is easy to see the major details of the uniforms. For each year I include all the uniform combos worn during the season. Towards the later parts of the season some players wear leggings due to the colder temperatures I don't usually included that in the entire year graphics only my weekly graphic posts.


For the sake of simplicity the template does not represent nor show helmet numbers, award decals or any other memorial decals that would be found on the rear of the helmets. The center stripe of helmets are represented by the middle box found in the middle of the template between each side of the helmet. Tapered stripes (such as the 2010 Nike Pro Combat Uniform) run the rear of the helmet to the front of the helmet looking top down on the box.

Over the years the football helmet has evolved and I've attempted to show that with this template. Players wear all different types of helmets so I tried to use the most popular at the time. Starting in the 1960's with the 2-Bar helmet all the way to the current Riddell Revo Speed helmet.


Over the years as football jerseys have evolved one this has remained constant; the disappearance of sleeves. I've tried to reflex that in past years by altering the template to show longer sleeves. Each decade I've altered the sleeve length somewhat to accurately show the various sleeve stripes and TV numbers. The number 11 is used on the jerseys due to the simplicity of working with so many uniforms and various jersey fonts. In addition "NAME" is used on back to represent the player's name being on the back of the jersey. 


The pants portion of the template usually remains the same over the years. The center stripes are shown in the middle square between the front and back of the template. If stripe or design of the pants is asymmetrical there are two squares labels "L" and "R" for the left and right side of the pants respectively.


Additionally the lower leg and shoes part of the template have remained generic due to so many players wearing different socks and cleats. I've kept the simplicity for the calf only including if the majority of players wore leggings; socks and cleats are either white or black. In recently seasons I've added some detail to the socks. Beginning in the 2013 season the team alternated between white and black footwear.

Basketball Template

The basketball template is very similar to the football template. The front of the uniform is on the left and the back of the uniform on the right. The side detail are displayed by two squares that are in the middle with a "L" or an "R" for the left or right display. If the uniform has a symmetrical design then only one square in the middle is used.

Baseball Template


If you would like to contact me, it's not hard. I'm either always on twitter or you can email me the old fashioned way. I always appreciate more information and evidence to help have a more accurate database. Even if you have WVU concept, send it too me and I'd be happy to add it to the site.

Ethan Dimitroff

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