Uniform Concepts

This page is devoted to uniform concepts of the Mountaineers. Some concepts are my own and others  come from other Mountaineer fans. If you have an idea and concept share it with us and we just might add it right here!
WVU is often referred to as the State of West Virginia's pro team. With that concept I wanted to make the Mountaineers
look like it. Classic block numbers, gloss blue helmets and TV numbers up on the shoulders. Traditional gold pants with a double blue stripe gives a clean and pro look.

I really went back to basics with this uniform concept. Taking a few good things from multiple WVU uniforms. The number font is based on the 2010 Pro Combat uniforms. Brought back the pre 2013 blue helmets with blue facemasks and gloss shells and ditched the gold helmets. The jerseys no longer have mismatched side panels or sleeve caps to provide a cleaner look. TV numbers have been moved to the sleeves as a nod to the early Don Nehlen Era. Blue collars on each jersey to symbolize the blue-collar work ethic. Multiple uniform elements offer multiple mix and match options. In addition I added a second blue jersey with white numerals as a pseudo throwback jersey to match the throwback helmet. In closing I think the Mountaineers should look more like a Big XII team than have a look resembling a team from the MAC, C-USA or Sun Belt. I think this concept accomplishes this idea.